GILS is proud to offer a unique program in General German focusing on the practical German skills necessary for professional and academic success.

The Program

The General German coursework is composed of the language skills and grammar needed to communicate in the international arena. GILS instructors teach German as it is spoken and understood by native-Germans through native German instructors.

The course places a particular emphasis on writing, presentation and team skills, all of which are vital in the professional world.  Students attend separate classes for speaking, listening, reading and writing in order to focus on these key skills.

The General German program consists of six levels in line with the internationally recognized Common European Framework: Starter, Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate and Advanced; each of which takes three five-week terms to complete.

Instructors tailor the courses to the students’ needs with supplementary material. There is a heavy focus on German-language computer skills and students are required to complete regular assignments, presentations and group projects.


Courses in General German

Students are eligible to receive a graduating diploma in General German upon completion of the Advanced Level, provided that they have completed a minimum of two levels with the Department of German.

Level Certification

Upon completion of each level, students will receive a certificate of completion. They will only receive a level certificate after completion of all three five-week terms in a level.


For more information about the program or about enrollment, please email