GILS offers Arabic language instruction over the Internet.


  •  We offer courses at all levels, from elementary to advanced.
  • Our courses follow the Al-Kitaab syllabus, taking the same structure as the residential courses we have been teaching in Sana’a since 1989.
  •  On completion of a 50-hour course, you will received a certificate.
  •  We can also offer custom courses tailored to your needs.
  • We offer both individual lessons and lessons for groups of up to four people.

Class Structure

  •  Lessons take place on SKYPE, WhatsApp, or email
  •  Material exchanged by email.
  •  Each session is one hour long. This consists of 45 minutes of teaching, a five-minute break, and ten minutes of feedback at the end.


  •  Payment is in EUR, transferred to Berliner Bank in Germany.
  •  For individual courses, the price is 25EUR per hour.
  •  For groups, the price is 10EUR per person per hour